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The most needed thing will be intelligence. A strong knowledge of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. All that AI and robotics wont work if a strong EM pulse hits the earth like from a sun spot. And we will need the ability to rebuild all the electrical machines, from the generating of electricity to the refrigerators and auto mobiles. Because when a strong EM pulse hits any thing that has a electrical charge in it or once had a charge becomes inert useless. And the only way to protect from this is a very strong faraday cage.


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Yes for the most part they do. But each countries military have places that these things made for them are tested and here is where the problem of the money comes in. Approve our Plane, Tank, weapon and we will slip you some Cash, stock, perk. First the contracts are looked over and then a company or two are awarded the contract. Mabie they are looked over and Mabie not. I haven't had any contacts in that area for over 40 years. Then a prototype or two are made and tested. For Tanks and cannons it is at Aberdine Proving ground for missiles it is at Vandenberg space flight center. Hey Give this one a good review and we will compensate you. How else do the Government employees make enough money to have three houses some in other countries and a fat bank balance in several different Banks. Oh I am a simple Full bird col. that makes 200k a year but have three houses worth over 100 mil. Or the congress man that makes 15ok a year but is worth 500mil. And its not just in the U.S,A. that this is going on.


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What is the point to this? Will the worlds defensive capabilities be solely controlled by independent contractors? Will the threats to expand on its use also be manufactured by independent contractors? One contractor saying they will expand on its missile capabilities. while another will say we need more defensive space platforms?


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Hypnosis can work. But not everyone is as susceptible to it then others and not everyone has as strong implant of the hypnotic suggestion as others , so when some may be easy to break the hypnotic state others it will be near imposable.


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Of course there will be variables. Here is what I can see some of the world's volcanos will have erupted and changed the continents shapes and climates. And when that happens it will cause Ice ages and warming periods which will further change the lands topography, new rivers, lakes, mountain ranges. Some features will sink, and others will rise. If Humanity is still here then most likely it will be a preindustrial type society for most of our knowledge will either be lost or unintelligible and we will not have the materials at hand to make many of the things that are necessary to proceed to the next step in a machines production process. There wont be enough resources to last 400 years of nuclear winter as what is the common term when the sun no longer can shine on much of the planet due to the ash and gasses that are put into the atmosphere from large volcanos.

That is just one possability.


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Anyone remember what feudal society was? Thats your answer.

You will only be needed for what you are capable to contribute.

If you have no usefulness in the society then you will not be supported by it.

If it is found that you can still survive without society's help they will come and find you and make you do what it is that made you survive for them and give back to you what they deem, you need to survive with.