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For European fintechs like Revolut you need to prove who you are with your passport and a photo of a bill or bank statement to prove you’re a resident. Then they ask people who they need more info for proof of the source of the funds like bank statements or proof of receiving salary. I won’t use them because they freeze accounts so much I don’t want to have to deal with a months long argument to access my money.


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I’m not sure Fintech has a fraud issue, Cash App has a fraud issue. Head over to the Revolut sub and see the countless people posting about their accounts frozen. I bet Cash App doesn’t have that issue. I work in FinTech and it’s amazing how much KYC and AML goes on. Cash App seems to not bother with that which is why it isn’t in Europe because it’d be ran out again.


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Absolutely none, I can count to 99, I’ve had my wife to translate for me all this time and she lets me away with too much god bless her. It was quite difficult to be honest, coming to terms with food was the wildest. But it got easier as time went on.


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Yes and no. We had to do COVID tests every few days in our hotel. Not the RAT a proper swab. But even allowing that many people to be in one place was probably against the rules. We shot some scenes in a city for a few days and the locals took videos of us that we found on Douyin (chinese tiktok) complaining about foreigners not wearing masks but we were in a bubble and on our way to work.


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They’re fine, they’ve been here for my wedding and we travelled around. They’re not worried at all. I’m from Ireland not the US. Ireland has a pretty good relationship with almost everyone. I’m a guest here. I lived in South America for 4 years and they were far more worried then.


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No Union, almost all extras are working without the proper papers, long hours every day but the Chinese crew do more hours, they worked 16+ hours every day I don’t know how they did it. I’m positive the government was involved at some level but not like they had people on set or anything.


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A little bit. I mean, we knew what the movie was and what it meant for China. But not like you’re insinuating. It really was no different to being in a regular movie I guess. If you’ve ever seen the movie you’d understand.