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All dogs really do need to be on leash at all times,whenever I remind someone it's the law, I usually get "well why don't you call them" and then I calmly tell them it's for your dogs safety, that seems to freak them out and they usually put them on leash


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What about the other 13 firearms? This guy was clearly in some kind of psychosis, either alcohol induced or something else. My heart is broken and I send my condolences to the families.


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I think you're over thinking this.

It's a state ballot so it would be a class D felony with 1 to 5 years under "knowingly misrepresent the eligibility requirements to vote by absentee ballot."

The burden of proof on this is difficult. You complete this ballot a month or so before. So it's reasonable there is a level of uncertainty of your situation at the time you complete it. The reasons are also very open ended/vague which would reasonably cover many circumstances.

I am not saying to lie either by the way. I was just trying to be helpful.