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Welp, as long as you're sure, I guess I have no choice but to accept the terrible way we've been doing things thus far.

Sigh. The constant negativity is just so dull. It's so easy to say why something won't work - anyone can find a bunch of reason why something won't work. If we put half as much energy into figuring out solutions, maybe we wouln't be in this mess. We certainly can't progress as a society with that attitude!


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  1. Just because something hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. How would things ever be improved upon if we never allowed change? That being said…see point 2.

  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/14/zero-fare-public-transit-movement-gains-momentum.html


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West Bergen is a good investment. Proximity to light rail as well as the TON of new developments coming to the Westside and to 440, including Bayside makes the area a good bet, IMO.


3/2 rents should go for $3k for a new build with washer/dryer.


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This is my understanding based, too, especially regarding high-rise buildings. It can drive the overall values of an area up, while simultaneously helping to keep surrounding rents low by adding more supply. So there’s some give and take.

This is an interesting watch:



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Yeah, you might be right…it’s entirely possible, but it’s not the case from what I understood. The councilman (elected by the constituents who live in the area) voted against it based on community input and had been attempting to negotiate with the developer but got outvoted by other wards’ councilpersons.


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Why is everyone so afraid to read or research topics they claim to be interested in on this thread? I’m not asking for permission from the planning board here on Reddit, lol. I am asking if anyone knows why this building got approved. There’s years of history on it, and I’m curious if anyone has more knowledge. I am not here to bash anyone’s way of life, or where they have chosen to live, so I am not going to link to studies on high rises because I’m not interested in bashing high rises as the main point - it’s a distraction, it’s not the focus and I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind. If anyone wants to read about high rises and environmental impact, psychological impact on residents, the communities they’re in, they certainly can and don’t need to rely on strangers to help them research. It’s not “mysterious,” it’s Google!

From what I understand this building appears to already be a done deal and I’m looking to understand why. I have Googled and gotten as far as I can, and hoped someone might know. It’s ok if you don’t know. No one seems to know. Relax.


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Yup, I do and yes, very hard to parent, work full time, volunteer, and sit in planning meetings, but I will keep on doing just that. It’s really curious why this was approved. The whole thing is so odd. Was really hoping someone had some knowledge I didn’t and it would all make sense.