Jebediah_Johnson t1_jedlpw5 wrote

I really appreciated that all of the ridiculous excuses about why they couldn't act at Uvalde also existed at Nashville but didn't slow them down at all. At Uvalde they said they only had 8 officers initially. They said they only had 2 rifles, they didn't have ballistic shields, the door was locked (it wasn't), and the shooter had a scary battle rifle, and they were concerned an officer might get shot.

At Nashville one officer shouts for 3 more officers to join him so he can make entry with only 4 guys. Only 1 has a rifle in his team. They obtain a master key, they come across some locked doors, but just keep moving around them, they don't wait for shields or more guys, they don't run away when they hear gunshots they run towards them. Some of them are visibly afraid, but they all decided to be brave and kept moving.