JejuneEsculenta t1_ja9tzhh wrote

My company had set up hot desks, while working to transition our office around some RIFs and incoming tenants.

Eventually, they just let us all WFH and closed the office (which we had only built, like, 18 years ago).

Hot desks are brilliant for those who are in the office part time. No need to keep 150 desks for 150 employees, and have them each only used a day or two per week.


JejuneEsculenta t1_j1uatwu wrote

In my case, I do product testing for an earbud manufacturer, in my spare time, so they keep sending me free sets.

I just have one set for the computer, a couple sets that are paired either my phone and another device, one set just for the phone, one for my Switch, one for my Mac, etc...

Super handy until you misread the markings on them and grab the wrong ones.

EDIT: Cripes. I just realized how many sets of earbuds I own. Yikes!