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I live in a building with students and have no problems at all. concern is particular situations like I've seen first hand such as a landlord deciding to modify 2 bed apartments in to 3 or 4 bed apartments, and renting out the tiny rooms individually for insane money. maybe it's fair game but to me it's shady. Weather or not the tenants, student or not, are cool with it is not my concern.

Personally I feel limiting 3 per unit is asinine, and discrimination against students or marketing apartments only to students is wrong. Landlords will likely find ways around it anyway, though. That said, I feel there should be a square foot per person limit for the sake of safety and consumer protection which applies to all.


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I had friends who lived in slater. They loved it , and I thought it was a quality unit. Expensive though but I think you get what you pay for.

I've considered living at what is now called Halsted, in one of the metro units. Personally I feel they are asking way way to much for the size but it is very nice and if you value the amenities it might be worth it for you.


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Some college or?

I'm thinking,

Food Service, like bartending or server. Depending on where you go can be pretty lucrative.

Whole foods, I worked there years ago but it was pretty good. they pay more than the competition but I donno if it's still true.

Maybe you could work for one of the hospitals or schools? You got brown, risd, several private schools etc.

Me personally, I have some college and I work for the T and commute. Lots of opportunities in Boston if your interested in commuting


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So far so good. Though I have seen them ban for less. One year they banned and I had no clue. the storm turned out to be a dud, but still got towed. I was so pissed lol.


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How I got through it last month

1.Change address with insurance check with local police dept. ( I went to the DMV first thinking the vin check was later, lucky Middletown pd checks regardless of residence) 3. DMV ,. Make an appointment , bring your title , proof of citizenship like a birth certificate or passport and 2 articles of mail to your address. You should be able to do both the license and the registration on the same appointment. 4. Get inspection within 5 days. If you don't they will suspend the registration after a few weeks. Ask me how I know. 5. I also got a letter explaining that I need to get my insurance company to send verification of insurance to the DMV. Have not done this yet but looks like they give you about 2 months to figure that out. Sounds like a pita if you have a shitty insurance company like I do.