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It’s hardly dropping. It’s being carried by a secondary drone that deposits it straight onto the ground before the second drone is lifted back up.


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You can check their website. They do 3D modeling of the world around them and then it’s reported so there’s dynamic routing. Additionally I imagine they wouldn’t drop the second drone unless the area beneath was clear. But if there is an issue it is reported and someone will come out to attempt to rectify the situation.

I would really suggest checking the company’s website. They already found solutions for almost any problem people in these comments have come up with.


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It’s to reduce time and reduce traffic. An automated mail truck is incredibly inefficient compared to this.

Also, don’t know what you’re smoking if you think a country is going to delivers bombs via a drone with a long ass rope attached to it.

There’s artillery that can be precisely guided within a few feet of the target, firing off from 20+ miles away. Drones have precision bombs that can also land within a foot or so of the intended target. With bombs there’s little need to be any more precise than that.

There’s no weaponized application for this.