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Popular swimming holes are gross. There are people that stay at them all day and into the night. We have found: cigarette butts, general trash, broken glass, crushed beer cans ,needles, dog shit, human shit, soiled diapers.

We finally got so grossed out we stopped going. I might go for a quick dip but never to hang out anymore.


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Our late cat loved the outdoors. In the winter we would shovel a path for the dog & him to go outside. We made sure to give the cat paths to trees if needed.

I have a picture of my wife shoveling the path with the dog & cat standing behind her, watching her progress.


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If the snow is soft/fresh deep ruts form at each gate because that is where all the racers turn. Deep ruts give the racers with low number bibs a huge advantage. If a racer gets in trouble, ruts can act like a ski jump and launch the racer.

Often places will inject a race hill with water and let the water freeze solid. An icy course makes it fairer for all racers. It is also much safer. This is done for all serious races.

Source: I have spent many hours pushing new snow off of race courses. You can do it if there isn't too much snow. These people were overwhelmed with too much snow.


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after stealing it. I don't think she had much choice after both Mack & Nichole told the investigators about that part. It makes more sense why they kidnapped her, even though it was a dumb ass thing to do. Mack should have called the police but he was probably afraid of what ever dirt she had on him.


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Matterhorn is an apr├Ęs ski place, it's not a date place.

Trapps is more of a date place. Again April is not a great time. If you came after the mud had dried up and frost is over, Trapps has really nice gardens to explore.


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RS is right about mud season. The rec path will have longs sections covered in ice or snow.

April is one of the worst months to come to Vermont, unless you are going spring skiing.