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The new FTX management has already sent claw back letters to get the political donations returned. Some will presumably be returned within a few months but there is a good chance that the bankruptcy court will need take action to get most of the money back. The vast majority of the money will eventually be returned but it could take years.


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I thought both parts of Ivan The Terrible were great though unlike many experts I prefer the second to the first. Since I thought both Mirror and Stalker were only pretty good but really boring movies I never bothered watching Andrei Rublev. I was on my last day of my free Criterion trial where I was watching the films near the top of the 2012 S&S 100 and my choice was quit now or watch Andrei Rublev and then quit and I proudly picked quit now. At that point I had seen the top 26 in the S&S and while all were good or better Mirror was the worst for me.


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The only rating I do of a film is whether it is good enough to make my best of the year list and where it fits in the current list. Since my 2023 list has zero films it will be pretty easy to make it since my judgement changes to whether the movie I just saw was good and if so is it good enough to make my top ten in a really bad movie year.


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At the local festival I buy a pass that lets me see nearly all films. One time the movie sucked so bad I walked out and went to a movie that was so bad I walked out and went to a movie starting a half hour later. That movie also seemed bad so I walked out and went to the next movie that was starting. I should have stayed in the second one since it seemed better than the third one.