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I am better at reading than you are at writing. You are trying to say people who live downtown near a path don’t have these issues. I am pointing out this photo is literally downtown, near a path you fucking idiot. I don’t care if you were born and raised here (you definitely weren’t) I just want dumb people to leave, you are a dumb person, so I would like you to leave the city.


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You’re quite the fucking moron aren’t you? Do you think anyone is working on improving the road or parking situation? You could be the dumbest person on Reddit. Please fuck off to Florida or Texas where you belong.


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Your lives are already difficult from what it sounds like. If you’re not complaining about public transportation, you’re complaining about parking. When more people regularly take public transportation (not just during rush hour), public trans will have more $$ to make it better.


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Jersey City needs a congestion fee for out of town drivers. They need to increase the cost for a permit to drive more people to get rid of the cars that they don’t need and use public transportation (we obviously need better public transportation as well). They need to increase parking fines and increase the number of cars that are towed.

If you don’t like city driving and parking issues, take you and your car out to the burbs where you belong.


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Reply to comment by whyyoulie_15 in Hamilton Dog Run by [deleted]

I have hobbies, and none involve getting on Reddit to complain that an are where dogs shit and pee smells bad. You’re a moron. Head over to the water thread complain about it’s wet or how fire is hot. Dumbass.


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Clean up the area yourself. I don’t own a dog, why should my tax money go to cleaning up after your dog? You chose to live in a city and make your dog have a terrible, confined life.


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After reading some of the OP’s posts and his username, it’s quite clear he is Muslim (my assumption is Pakistani) and he hates Indians. At first I thought it was a white finance bro who doesn’t know the difference between Muslims, Hindus, or Sikhs, but now I realize what’s going on


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We are in an old brownstone in DTJC and we have always been aware this could happen during a really tough cold snap. We would never complain to our landlord about it getting below whatever the regulation is because we know what we signed up for when renting an uninsulated brownstone built in the mid-1800s (also because she’s always been a great landlord).


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My fiancé and I keep our apartment between 64-67 during the day and 60-63 at night (sometimes turn the heat off completely at night and it goes lower). I don’t mind at all, saves us money (and better for the environment).

I think people should be understanding but the fact that you are even worried means you’re one of the few good landlords left around here.