JerseyMBA OP t1_j91luke wrote

It’s hard to rank them since a lot of them are completely different from each other. I was a fan of all of them at one point for the exception of Kohls.

Walmart is my go-to for packaged foods..if I need fresh produce then I go to a regular supermarket. For clothes I usually either go to Burlington or order on Amazon.


JerseyMBA t1_j8pcibe wrote

Favorite: I-80…I never encounter a lot of traffic and there’s not a toll every 3 minutes

Least Favorite: I-78/I-9 near Newark Airport

  • Runner Up: GSP
  • Not a highway but I hate the entirety of Tonnelle Ave in Hudson County/North Bergen area

Route 17 south of the I-80 is ok…but 17 north of the I-80 heading towards Paramus sucks.