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Hunterdon county is one of the wealthiest counties in the entire nation, based on median household income. So, while it's not perfect, by any means, it is a generally nice place to live--nice schools, low crime, plenty of local amenities, etc. Personally, I don't like all of the traffic in Fleminton, itself, though there is a lot available there. I've lived in the Clinton/Annandale area, and it's very nice--I have never seen so many Porsche SUVs anywhere else. The area is picturesque, and there are a lot of little ritzy shops and restaurants there. It's not unusual to walk into downtown Clinton on a summer weekend to find live bands playing on the street and young couple taking their kids to trendy ice cream shops. Alexandria Twp. is more rural--lots more farms and bigger properties. Lebanon isn't quite as fancy, but there is a lot nearby, as it's close commuter routes (22 & I-78).

In sum, the Hunterdon area is nice--nicer than a lot of NJ--and a good place to live and raise kids. That is, if you can afford to live there.


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Don't risk the 55+ thing. The neighbors will tattle, and what happens is that the HOA or leasing agency ends up calling the police, and even though you're not likely to be charge with a crime, it'll be a big hassle, and you could end up losing your security deposit and getting kicked out immediately.

Toms river will probably be rough, for finding an apartment, because it's too close to Seaside. You might have better luck looking a bit farther north or south.


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Limitless. Absolutely loved the movie . . . when I eventually saw it. But when it came out, I was like, "Yeah, yeah, another movie about some new super-drug. I'll pass." Even when friends were telling me it was great and highly recommending it, I still ignored it. Yet, the film was actually much different than what I initially expected.

But, that being noted, if I had really known what the film was all about, it would have spoiled some of the pleasurable surprise I got from watching it.


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The atomic bombs dropped on Japan were powerful, but they didn't even completely destroy the cities. Even people fairly close to the center of the blasts managed to survive (though some died shortly thereafter). Thus, a nuclear blast 100 times as powerful is likely to virtually destroy a large city, like New York, but it certainly wouldn't destroy the entire state of New York, let alone the world.

The largest nuclear bomb ever used, the Russian Tsar Bomba, was about 3,800 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima. Yet, the shockwave only managed to damage some buildings about 100 miles away--far from enough to destroy the entire world.


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It's a long drive, but you'll probably want a car once you get here, since things are so spread out. Six Flags Great Adventure would certainly be fun. Taking him to the beach and boardwalk at Seaside Heights would also be a blast, for an 8-year-old. Diggerland is also a hit with boys that age.

Closer to New York City is the American Dream Mall, Medieval Times, and Supercharged--the world's biggest indoor go-kart track.


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I have no idea. The ticket I mentioned was years ago, before Zoom was even created (though the legal principles are still the same). Hopefully, someone else here can advise you, in that regard. And, of course, you can always try calling the local prosecutor's office before the court date.


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That's wrong. They have to prove it was actually you that committed the offense--I beat a ticket like that before, for that reason. Take it to court. You don't even need an attorney. Just let them present their case and prove that you were operating the vehicle and committed the offense. Or, speak to the prosecutor just before the trial, and he may just drop it anyway.


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Commuting times in Jersey are . . . complicated. It's the most densely populated state, and there is a huge volume of commuter traffic, particularly from the suburbs to the big cities (or closer to the cities). And "North Jersey" and "Central Jersey" are rather vague. Commuting from Warren County to Mercer County is a whole lot different than commuting from Essex to Middlesex, particularly during rush hour.

So, if you really want an accurate assessment of what your commuting times would be like, you probably need to provide more-specific data.


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One thing you ought to first look into is what kind of ceiling you have. If it's an old Victorian-era home in the UK, it may very well have plaster over wood lath. If that's the case, you could still mount the top support, if you can locate a joist. However, the repeated uneven pressure on the mount (from swinging around on the pole) could cause the plaster and/or latch to crack and break. And if so, that would be quite a bit more work to patch up.

In addition, if the ceiling has old plaster and wood lath, simply knocking on the ceiling probably isn't going to find a ceiling joist for you. Neither will most stud finders, as the entire ceiling will have wood behind it. So, unless you can access the ceiling from above (such as from an attic), or there's a ceiling light you can temporarily remove to try to inspect inside the ceiling, you may have a tough time locating a suitable joist, without drilling a lot of test holes.


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Heh. That's always my biggest criticism of all of those "big heist" films. They'll have a super well-organized and well-equipped team of gunmen charge into a bank. Well, if you're actually willing to do all of that, why not just start a huge fire at a shopping mall on the other side of town? Even if it doesn't draw away every cop, it will certainly increase your odds.