Jerthy t1_j1semxe wrote

Ukrainians have multiple of their own drone programs, some weaponized, including suicide drones with 1000km range. It should be noted though that these were never officially unveiled and their real capabilities are unknown. Ukrainians are silent about what are they actually using for these strikes.

Their military industrial complex is far more capable than people like to give it credit for.

Also, as the other guy said, while switchblade can realistically fly undetected, it doesn't have anywhere near this range and being basically flying grenade, it can't do this much damage.


Jerthy t1_ixx63at wrote

Well IS directly threatens them too, they'd continue the fight with or without allies.

It's just that they have much bigger threat to deal with now. I feel bad for what happened to these people, they really grew on me during the dreaded siege of Kobani, that's where they truly shown their spirit, they deserved a chance.