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Dad said they weren't allowed to talk about it then, but when he was telling me, it was because my brother had a RC model plane that Dad said was about the same level of tech - in a model plane a little bigger than a notebook. Dad didn't figure that the stuff he worked on was secret anymore :)


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That's what Wild Weasels (piloted F4 phantoms) did in Viet Nam - they'd go in first to get the enemy to turn on their radars, which they would then shoot up with radar-seeking missiles.


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My father was in the Navy during WWII, and was stationed on an aircraft carrier. His job was maintaining the drones that the gunners used for target practice.

When the kamakazi attacks started, the Navy ordered the drone pilots to fly the drones into the ship if the gunners didn't shoot them down. The aircraft carrier's command crew was not happy about these orders, but it was from Washington, so they had to.

I've had a hard time the last ten years or so even convincing people that radio controlled drones were even a thing that far back. Thanks for finding this link.


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I almost passed this by at first, thinking, oh just don't get it.

Then I noticed there was some very faint writing on it. Cmon really? White letters on pale blue?


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Odd, when you consider other (ie, mainframe) OSes had no problems with printers. Printer tech was already marching forward even before the PC revolution started because of the massive use mainframes made of printers.


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>DOS was barely an operating system, in the true sense

Everything you said is correct, but perhaps you're underplaying just how limited the hardware was in the DOS days. DOS, and its forerunner CPM, were squeezed down into (sometimes) as little as 4 or 8 thousand bytes of RAM, plus about that much ROM (not kilobytes. ANd what's a megabyte?).

PS before I start a flame war: CPM was the conceptual forerunner of QDos, which was the actual code forerunner of MS Dos.

PPS before my PS starts a flame war:QDOS