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I did this commute for 3 years. It’s best to live somewhere between 95 and the Merritt so you have a choice. Not bad at all though - if you commute during off hours it should be around 25 mins. On a normal rush hour 35-45 and once every few months all hell breaks loose and it’ll take an hour


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Not exactly... this process is driven by demand. You have state employees (not affiliated with the growers) create a demand forecast for both medical and recreational purchasers. They then analyze the capacity at all growers to see if it will cover demand. Since the state decided to limit competition - they need to know if those suppliers can meet demand or not.

Growers should be doing this independently on their end, but the question is... is there a capacity issue here or, since the lead time to grow if fairly long, is it just a temporary shortage?

Once we have a good understanding of supply capacity and demand expectations on a monthly basis we can determine what issue to solve for. It may be bringing in more suppliers so they can meet demand or better planning industry wide.

At no point should the suppliers meet to discuss and there's no reason for that since this is essentially a state run industry


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NO its a big thing in MA.

My theory (Growing up in NY vs going to college in Boston).

In NY the majority of diners are Greek owned. Greek immigrants who wanted to open a restaurant defaulted to diners while Italian immigrants went the Pizza route.

In Boston that diner culture just doesn't exist, so all the Greek immigrants defaulted to opening pizza places.

Not sure in CT as much. The pizza places we tend to frequent in stamford aren't greek owned but there are plenty


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it depends what town you are in. In Stamford I have pretty good luck with most basic channels but need to play around with where I put the antenna and which way its facing.


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Where are you coming from? The northeast in general is more welcoming than most areas around the country. The Northeast mentality is usually "You do you, I don't have enough time to have an opinion about your life.... just dont be a dick"


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Reply to Yale by thug_nificent

Yale has been around since 1701…. Yale is New Haven and New Haven is Yale….

I have no clue what New Haven would look like without Yale…