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if you put a bullet through the medulla oblongata/brain stem, the heart stops, this is simple stuff, does it happen immediately, no, as electrical impulses are still working, but your concept that the heart controls itself is so basic and unfounded, I am amazed you made it through high school biology


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He exposed the CIA head (Brennon) as lying before congress, and also exposed multiple other lies being told by CIA/FBI/NSA agents before congress, and nothing ever came of it. Remember the next time you see Brennan on TV talking about laws and breaking laws and holding people accountable. The man is a piece of garbage.


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tendons/ligaments do strengthen over time, they just take much longer to strengthen than muscle, or skeletal tissue. Consequently they tend to be the weak link. Think of a power lifter who can squat 600 pounds. The were not able to do that 5 years ago, but with years of training, when they started at being able to just squat 400 pounds, the muscle and ligament tissue adapted and grew to be able to withstand the stress of their surroundings.