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Ideally, just widen 31 into a proper road. It's already been done between Clinton and Ringoes for the most part. The rest of the road get the same amount of traffic according to NJDOT but it's single lane each way with few, if any, places to pass and few jug handles to separate turning traffic. There have been numerous accidents on it near me in Warren County and it's only getting worse.


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Start at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wander the American Wing. Walk over to Lexington and grab the subway downtown to Grand Central for cocktails at the Campbell Apartment (check the dress code!). Stop in the Whispering Gallery outside the Oyster Bar in Grand Central to whisper in each other’s ears. Dinner at Pershing Square across the street.


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It’s more that you can go from 50°-60° weather where no one in their right mind would have winter tires on their vehicle to 20° and three feet of fresh powder in an hour or two drive. I did this myself visiting a friend in Sacramento and going skiing at Boreal. 90 mile drive and a mile and half elevation increase.


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FWIW, my parents had this happen to them with a car they that bought in 1999, paid off in 2004, and kept until 2018.

Despite having a title that was clearly marked as having the lien released, the MVC had no record of it being paid off. Made a hash out of what should have been a no-brainer transfer of an essentially worthless vehicle.

It might be worth a check with them to insure that all the paperwork processed correctly.


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If you can’t afford a full tank, look at ways to try and reduce what you are using. Setting back thermostats is an obvious first but there are plenty of ways (and products) to mitigate heat loss and draft infiltration that might be cheaper in the long run. Just don’t let your pipes freeze!


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I like the idea of something like banger bars/chains hanging over the roadway. I suggested a chicane to my local road works but there’s no room for the here. You could probably do it easily for the notch though. A chicane on each side to get them stuck in a place that they can be removed from easily as opposed to all the way up the road.

Edit: I was thinking about the chains/bars for my own local issue, not for the notch. I still think a really tight, extreme chicane on both sides could work nicely to prevent this. It wouldn’t take up much space and wouldn’t do anything to normal traffic flow other than cause a brief slow down, which is how I’ve seen them used elsewhere - as traffic calming devices.