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I mean I agree with all of that. Just saying that it doesn’t work. People still do it and don’t get caught. A lot. I don’t think writing another bill is gonna help either but here we are.


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You’re a clown that can’t even debate on an intellectual factual level. Just calling me racist and cursing at me when I don’t bend to your will. You are wrong. I don’t give a fuck how you feel. QATAR is as if not completely worse racist/prejudiced as middle American white conservatives.

Grow up you petulant child. 🤡



“All six said that police forced them to sign pledges indicating that they would “cease immoral activity.”


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Duh it’s happening. It’s due to extremists. But guess what? The government doesn’t OUTRIGHT BAN these people from existing. Yes we need to change our culture still (as do the Qataris…) but we are at least a major leap ahead.

And if you truly feel that way, why are you seemingly only standing up against it on one side of things? On the other (Qatar) side you just want to run defense and point to other countries that “do it too.” So is it bad or not????? PERIOD. That’s it. It’s bad. Call it out every time. Big or small.


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LOL. Okay? First off yea, white people are treated better due to systemic racism. It’s quite different in terms of rules and laws for everyone though lmao.

Also, all you have is to redirect to “BUT BUT BUT THE DEH TEH USA BED TOO1!!1!11!”

Like come on man. The way to take criticism is not to turn around and criticize. Fucking admit fault. See how I did that in the first paragraph for the USA even though it’s an evident “what-aboutism” and a strawman argument?


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You’re actually defending an authoritarian regime that hates women and gay people. A government that HAS A MORALITY POLICE.😂😆

You’re actually DEFENDING intolerance/prejudice and racism and turning around and screaming racism at the people pointing it out.

You’re insincere and you don’t know how you’re supposed to feel. So you scream racism because it’s been true before.

Grow up.


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Except this assumes that this person is not letting down the other individual as well.

They didn’t say they expect them to be “perfect” but saying “once I’ve learned you’re inconsistent? I’ll go flat with you.” Nobody is completely consistent. Including OP.

My stance comes from the perspective it’s a two way street. I don’t just take someone’s word that the other person is the only one to blame in a relationship. That’s all.

If you do, then so be it. Good luck in your life with that bad will.


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No don’t you know! It’s just DIFFERENT there! It’s just a different culture is all! How dare you call it human rights abuses! WHAT ABOUT “insert hated country” or “other hated country”! They do it too, so you just hate Qatar cuz you’re racist and xenophobic!1!1!1!1