Jimmyking4ever t1_jeeyr2g wrote

North end is perfectly fine. Lived there with and without kids for years.

My uncle still lives there in a condo hasn't had any issues.

The only thing I'd warn you about is South Winds. Everything is included in rent but you don't get your deposit back.

Worst thing to happen there was the upstairs neighbor had their dog pee on the balcony and it got my roommate.


Jimmyking4ever t1_j915r5p wrote

It's pretty nice that instead of having Boston and the surrounding areas build affordable homes, restrict corporations from buying up single family homes en masse and converting them to rental properties, or dealing with the influx of short term rental properties converted from long term ones they just force a town of 25,000 people to increase housing by 1,500.

Because those will definitely be affordable for the people who work in Boston anyways right?