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Ideally yes!

You need massive amounts of air moving through the solution to the CO2 problem and that is the issue.

Same thing with all these "water from air" things that pop up time and time again. Sure air contains both water and CO2, but the concentration at any give point is minimal so you need massive amounts of air moving through the system at all time for there to be any CO2 to scrub from the air which is the problem.


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I mean... Turning CO2 into plastic is a good idea, but the problem is collecting it.

"continously produce a bioplastic from CO2 in the air" is great but when you consider the fact that air contains 0.75g CO2 per cubic meter you'll soon see that the problem with this method is similar to that of carbon capture technology.
Sure, a bacteria might be many times cheaper but you still need to access enormous amounts of air for it to even be useful


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seagulls are brutal. A few years ago i saw a small flock of jackdaw fighting with a small flock of seagulls. The jackdaw were attacking the seagulls trying to defend a young chick and one of the larger seagulls rushed in, swallowed the chick and then the seagulls flew away with the jackdaws in pursuit. Never seen anything like it, but it was awesome.


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>Amish Farmer or Catholic Priest - their theologies are unlikely to evolve quickly enough to permit those jobs to move.

That one has already been done. I hear a mad scientist has already invented a robot to take the place of catholic priests.


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Speaking of the Fisherman's Wife. Something I find even weirder than this painting is the fact that Picasso was fascinated with it and painted his own version of that painting, Dona i Pop