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Could be one of five possible moves, by Apple:

- Spite towards the EU

- Artificially capping speeds to "show" government intervention isn't beneficial to Apple consumers

- To promote the use of current or future iCloud services

- "Innovating" of future portless iPhone

- Apple just continuing to not use anything beyond USB 2.0 speeds


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It's a unique feature that serves a very niche purpose, with potential to save lives.

I know we (yes, myself included) like to hate Apple, but Samsung is no saint company either. Apple has the added benefit that the entirety of their user base is using a set iPhone _. Android has thousands of phones, across various manufacturers. Samsung is one of the largest in the US, but the effort to add such a feature would likely not yield enough prais (and thus profit) to benefit share holders. And we all know that satisfying shareholders and bigger CEO bonuses are all these companies strive for today.


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My local history museum has entirely removed all mummified Egyptian remains from their showcases.

I understand the reasoning behind all of this, but I don't think going as far as removing historical remains, which serve an educational purpose, is the correct path.

I've never in my adult life really thought of mummified remains as a "mummy". I believe trying to drop a media elected term for something more accurate is a good step in an educational direction.