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Kind of a reach. I think the tech is revolutionary, but still a pretty niche product, especially when Google is so ubiquitous that you can type in just about any blank field on a screen and instantly do a Google search. I mean, Google is literally synonymous with 'internet search'. Let's come back in a year.


JoeBookish t1_j0t8a4i wrote

I don't think this is really an option. A) programs that improve themselves already exist. B) any random a*hole with a computer can make one with access to a broad enough knowledge base to be smarter than a human, so it's a matter of time until someone does and it goes wild.

I think we just have to keep our hands on the power supplies and monitor their behavior, but sooner or later the algorithms are gonna do whatever they want with us. It just stands to reason that it's not helpful to kill a person (though I'm sure cops in like 2 years will argue differently, after they kill somebody with a robot dog).