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I agree that is why this is probably the first incident of this happening that most of us have read about. On the other bit, have you ever seen the key ring for an administrator or person with extensive access at a large institution that isn't using RFID? I'm an upper management desk jockey and my work key chain weighs the same as my P238 and is less comfortable to carry lol.


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I'm not saying it wasn't stupid as hell but depending how you carry it's a very possible mistake to make. My guess would be the gun was removed to take a shit and left behind pretty simple but pretty stupid. Again we've all left our phones places we've all left our keys places. I'm not justifying the action just saying it was a stupid question to ask and the administrator was stupid to do it. The administrator should be fired.

Most people don't carry "chunky mother fuckers". Most people carry subcompacts that while about 1 inch thick have the same or smaller foot print than most plus sized phones.


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That seems like an easy answer. You've NEVER forgotten to put something into or take something out of your bag or backpack? You've never set something down and forgotten where you've left it or that you left it? Ya forgetting about a weapon is infinitely more dangerous but we've all forgotten many things. On a side note that administrator should be fired.


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Yes, no, maybe. The answer is it depends. It can affect water levels and flow rates down stream which may lead to the reduction of water rights or usage allotments down river. It can also be a huge problem if they're utilizing that much water for cooling and letting it flow back into the river at an increased temperature. Thermal pollution can have a big consequences on the river ecosystem.