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Its not but cops barely enforce that shit even though cars are consistently one of the 2 or 3 leading causes of death.

But yea just let everybody have blinding headlights, blacked out windows, and lifts so high you can't see most pedestrians in front of your truck that never sees dirt


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Might be personally biased by the value it'd have for me, but I think it would be pretty amazing if we could get something like the river line, but running along the old Raritan River Railroad tracks, but run on to Somerville and maybe up to a station on the gladstone branch.

Could replace several bus routes, and it would be nice if you could use those lines without having to go all the way up to Newark for a transfer.


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Oh no. it absolutely does. The entire GOP has the chance to vote it up too almost none did

Its just the usual trend of Dems being shit and he republicans being evil

But ya lets cry the Dems weren't strategic wizards like usual instead of addressing that the GOP loathes anything like this at all. You think they'd have given the workers sick days? We all know they wouldn't have.

And ya the Dems aren't left enough and corrupted to business interests. The solution to that isn't apologetics for the side even worse about it


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Get a good wind breaker or winter coat, a few pairs of long John's, and a ski mask or two.

Our winters get cold but there's entire civilization's that existed in far colder temperatures, if you wanna do outside stuff its really just a matter if getting your layers right

And maybe bringing a thermos of hot chocolate.

I've done hikes and bike rides in <30 degree weather. Its not what we're used too but humans are very adaptable.

And there's always ice skating, there's a number of affordable public rinks.

And standard warning that if you aren't KEENLY familiar with lake ice, don't fuck around in it, and even if you are anything under 5" is taking a risk.