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Look I get it, you think you're clever...great...good for you. But whats the point of being a prick? You've done this in other threads. Is your self esteem so low that you need to just criticize people over the way they choose to communicate? Why not just keep it moving?


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Dude holy shit yes. I remember when barqs first seemed to show up in New England area…and in assuming that might be when Coca Cola grabbed them. Probably early-mid 90s maybe? Totally remember the tattoos and the caffeine. Made it seem a little edgy as a tween.


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Yea it’s weird - some of the natural fancy root beers like Maine root or IBC are really good. But frankly I find I really like barqs. Like…the modern one which TIL is owned by Coca Cola. I don’t think I’m old enough or grew up in the right area to know the old recipe. There’s just a certain crispness to it that Makes mug or A&W seem slightly flat to me.