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I found this thread fascinating and now feel more boring, as a person, than I ever have before.

Oh I also like how all our interstates just straight up cut through mountains and not 1 major highway attempts to move along the landscape, because everything here was settled by the time they built them. But yeah go down 91. It's like a cross section of every rocky mountain in central CT.


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It's impossible to justify the creations of a capitalist system with socialist explanations.

If we're talking about just a social safety net, and making sure every human being has housing provided as a human right, mcmansions are fine as long as everyone has access to some form of reasonable housing.

The only objection would be that mcmansions are generally wasteful and not built to last.


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It was that oil companies were playing games with prices to agitate going into the midterms to back republicans who will reflexively side with oil companies against indigenous people and also want to dismantle the EPA. The conservative media machine then ran with the story non stop to the point of getting those dumb stickers printed for hillbillies to vandalize gas stations with.

Or whatever shit you said that doesn't even make any basic economic sense.


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You can like a black person, hell, even a few black people personally while not caring about black people in general. This is still called racism.

And yeah. I'm aware 40% of people are going to read this and get real mad because they've been called, or implied to be racists despite the fact they've had two black friends before!


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I'm not going to try and sway you otherwise, but sometimes the only difference in data or perceptions between (a decent) public school district, and a private school is that public institutions are required to be transparent.

For example, low test scores in a public school are indicative of the fact they are mandated to be inclusive of students with special needs. Behavioral issues may also be present at the same level, but these things are not logged as vigorously and are not FOIable as they are in public schools.

I was once told, while working at a private school, to lie to a parent about their child's progress and to inflate the student's grade to keep the family happy and the student enrolled. Unfortunately, I had to comply since there was no union and I needed the job.

There are definitely good private institutions for sure but the private school I was at was a travesty on many levels, but it didn't appear to be that way from the outside. Just a thought.

Oh and if the school is for profit, don't trust it for a second. Yes. For profit schools are a thing in CT.