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I’ve played the video games of that world. They’re not so great.

EDIT: oh wait wrong thread haha. Ignore that.

But yeah - I mean the whole conceit of the show is that they are sentient and to a certain extent even if they weren’t it still is very nasty reflection of human nature on display.


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George Lucas himself said “it’s like poetry, it rhymes” - criticizing The Phantom Menace for being a rehash of many of the same plot elements as A New Hope is not off-base. After all people complained about that endlessly when it happened again in The Force Awakens.

I know it’s fashionable to argue that the Star Wars prequels are somehow good actually but that doesn’t change the fact that it retreads a lot of repeated ground. Evidently George Lucas wants us to believe that was artistic and intentional but if even he can admit it I don’t really think this oversimplification critique holds much water.

And that’s to say nothing of the fact that I wasn’t the one who said it but instead was responding to the shitty reply which simply called it an “oversimplified garbage take” as if that goes without saying.


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And I guess you’re acting like no one knows how to do anything. Any chance that that’s just your anecdotal experience and you’re not actually taking into account the entirety of everything? Do have data to support this perspective that everything is declining in quality and capability or do you just resent these damn kids?


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I think the problem that your running into is that despite the internet insisting to the contrary - Wednesday is fundamentally a fairly typical teen drama.

Of course, I also seem to be one of the only people who finds Wednesday as written and portrayed in the show to be completely insufferable so what do I know…


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Or you could instead try reading the article.

I agree the headline is exploiting clickbait tactics - but it makes some valid points if you could be bothered to take a few minutes to read it before getting up on your internet soapbox.


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Yeah but just because something’s a parody doesn’t mean the performances have to be terrible.

I hear this argument a lot and it just feels like covering for the fact that Lana Wachowski made a bad movie. In terms of satire and parody it’s about as subtle as sledgehammer and worst of all it’s just plain boring. If she didn’t have an idea but knew the movie was going to get made anyway rather than making a half-asses movie that people were going to pay $15-20 a pop to see she could have just let somebody else do it on the off chance they actually had a good idea for a sequel.

Which isn’t so much to ask since the Wachowskis demonstrated twice that they didn’t really have an idea for sequels before.


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I will hear no slander against Halloween 3: Season of the Witch!

The Halloween franchise should have been the anthology it was intended to be all along and Halloween 3 demonstrates exactly why. It’s totally different, it’s spooky, there are some genuinely horrifying things in it, and it’s a self-contained story.

Imagine if instead of having 16 Michael Meyers movies and 1 movie that does literally anything else we could have had a series of half a dozen or so, maybe more, Halloween movies that you could select from during the season.


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Yes both Blair Witch sequels are not fantastic BUT I will at least give the 2000 one credit for having a really really interesting and ambitious premise for what would usually have just been a cynical cash-grab.

It’s a shame the execution left so much to be desired. But the idea of a fictional movie about events in the real world happening in the wake of the Blair Witch Project movie phenomenon is a really ambitious idea.

I’ll also give the director some credit - the editing was heavy altered by the studio and if the editing/sequence of events had been presented as originally intended it would definitely be a better movie….hiring better actors and having less ridiculous comedy might have also helped haha.