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People do get heart palpitation from THC in any form. Usually when it first starts to kick in. It doesn't last long and is no different from going through a haunted house or drinking a double espresso. If anything the longer period with less stress and anxiety would be better for heart health if you get some exercise too.


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A point here is that the show is set in 2007. So it is representing things from 16 years ago. It's kinda funny that parts of it are practically a VW commercial. All the main characters drive those older VWs. Or maybe I just notice more because the main character drives the same Gen1 Tiguan I drove up until about three weeks ago.


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I'm not sure how what I said was any different from what you said. No matter if they use an IP address or domain, those C&C servers are still set at the time of deployment. One of the first things they do is phone home (or homes) and get an updated list of C&C servers. That still leaves them dependent on reaching a limited number of sites that can be shut down effectively killing the that variant of the malware.
Do you live in Corpus and drive a Tesla? We may have met.
Edit: The CISA notice with the deets:


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Yup. One of my clients got hit a couple of years ago. Nasty. We had all the security boxes checked at the time, but it got in anyway. Encrypted everything, which was the bad news. The good news is that we could check the router logs and confirm that none of the data had been exfiltrated. All attempts were blocked because Tor was blocked.
That sucked, but we were able to recover everything from offline backups. Even the delta from them was recovered when a decryption tool became available a couple of months later. We didn't have to go out and get a credit monitoring service for the entire customer base, which would have bankrupted the place.


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I would guess that is what they actually mean when they say web site. It's pretty easy to find what IP address or domain they are going to from an infected host. They just don't go into that much detail in the article. One would hope. If it is just a web site, you are right. Taking it down wouldn't stop the malware and more of a badge of honor for the attacker.


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Once malware gets onto a system it typically tries to contact a Command & Control (C&C) server for the attacker to really get in there and mess with things. The C&C server is usually hard coded into the malware, so if you take that down all the infected hosts that try to connect to it will remain inert. Much of this takes place over Tor traffic, so one of the best things a Network Admin can do is block all Tor traffic. For some reason that isn't a default.


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Smallville was a rebound show after Buffy went away. It's fun as long as you don't take it too seriously. It's so campy that it is almost a parody of itself. The show did have some standout actors. Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum are solid as the hero, the girl, and the villain. John Schneider and Annette O'Toole do great as the Kents.


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Depending on what state you live in, funeral homes can be outright horrific. Sure, everything looks clean and respectful in the front of the house. Where the actual work goes on can look like a horror show. Covid deaths were piling up and homes were literally stacking bodies one on top of each other in broom closests cooled only by a AC window unit. What goes into that $5K casket (not coffin, there is a difference) is pretty much a husk filled with poison and caked on makeup. I'm donating my body to science. No way I want someone spending thousands of dollars to get rid my mortal meat. Throw me out to the buzzards like nature intended.


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Austin Electric never went down during Uri. They cut power to most residential areas because that was the plan. If you were downtown or lived near a hospital, the power never went out. The City also made a lot of money selling power to other providers.
The water being out was silly though. The one guy who knew how to work the backup generator had retired. No one knew how to turn it on.


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Me neither. I had doctors trying to give them to me for years for nasty flairs of joint pain mostly in knees and shoulders. I know they don't work and they hate it when you don't follow their suggested course of action. After about 20 years of that I finally found out I have a hereditary disorder with joint pain similar to arthritis being a primary symptom. Steroids wouldn't have helped and would have just made things worse.