JohnLocke815 t1_jeeb27g wrote

Yep, the rating scale is so fucked.

Like people say Gotham knights was a huge critical failure. Based on scores (which I think are pointless but so many people still follow) it's got mostly 6s and 7s.

To me a 6 or 7 is a decent to good game. On a scale of 1 to 10, middle is 5, meaning a 5 would be an average game, making a 6 or 7 above average.

But for some reason a 7 is somehow considered a bad score. I've seen people saying they won't play anything less than an 8.

People are missing out on some fun stuff because of that. Hell, people are missing out on fun stuff because of reviews, period. Really wish more people would learn to think for themselves. Say way too many comments saying stuff like "this game looks so good and I was so hyped, but reviews haven't been great". Who cares? If you think it looks fun give it a try. There's so many games/movies/books/shows I love they have shit reviews, and so many I hate they have great reviews.


JohnLocke815 t1_j2dttxb wrote

I really don't get why LoF gets so much hate I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the sequel.

I tried the surge a while back, I may go back to it now that I've been able to beat the other games. I think I got it free with ps+ at some point


JohnLocke815 t1_j2djgmm wrote

One day years ago best buy had a b2g1 sale.

I bought dark souls 1, dark souls 2, dark souls 3, demons souls, bloodborne, ans lords of the fallen.

What a waste of money that was.

I was actually able to beat lords of the fallen but the rest were a no go.

Cut to this year I bought elden ring, despite my earlier failures because it just looked so damn great. I was eventually able to beat it after I learned how the game works and after quite a bit of over leveling.

I went back to all the other souls games afterwards and have now beat every one of them.

Still can't get past sekiro though. I think that's a lost cause for me