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Only thing I can find is them recently stating they are going to be increasing ticket cost and parking costs to offset $825,000 from increasing energy and labor costs. Do you have anything to back up your claim that cannon provides a 7 million dollar boon to taxpayers?


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Having a comcast fiber drop adds absolutely zero value to a homes resale. If comcast wanted to redo this man’s kitchen then you’d have a deal. If the next owners want the piece of shit that is comcast, then they can request an install.


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Zillow uses the prices similar houses in that area sold for to get an avg. Zillow estimate means nothing. Could just mean they haven’t gotten updated sales figures or something along those lines. You want to know what your house is worth hire an appraiser.


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You don’t just get told to strike by some unforeseen force. In a union you vote. If the majority vote to strike than the union as a whole goes on strike. If you choose not to participate in the union vote than that’s a you problem. If you have no savings built up to cover a couple weeks on strike, that’s on you. Getting paid 2.25 to hold signs for a couple hours, to better your unions standing, better pay, benefits, or to prevent the company from taking benefits away. Only a moron would complain about the strike. We’ve got people like you in my union as well. Everyone hates them. Waah I have no money. I can’t strike. Who cares if the company wants to take the pension away. Who cares if inflation is at 10%, a 3% raise is fine…. Fuck that shit.


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No sales tax. It’s not that much cheaper. I’d rather see mom&pop liquor stores than the states run bullshit. Gotta drive 20 miles to a state store when there’s beer at every place in town.


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Rise in dracut is my new go to. Tyngsboro sucks compared to pretty much everywhere else. Prices are way higher, not much selection. Parking in that tiny lot is atrocious.


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I think it’s around 6 months you have to be at a job till UA will “restart”. There’s proabably a yearly limit too. Extensions usually only happen in emergency situations like recession, pandemic, etc.


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Living in an urban area is the reason I own and carry my pistol on me wherever I go. I do think a lot of people in here are just unaware of how many people on both ends of the political spectrum carry daily. Most people you know, whether friends or family, they just don’t go advertising that they own or carry a gun. It’s no one’s business.