JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_jdbb6h5 wrote

There’s a lot of issues. My favorite one to talk about is jobs listed as “Entry Level” per their literal search feature, then when you check the job description it requires 3+ YOE.

Please please please do not say “yeah but they mean entry level to that company” because it’s a really bad argument and purposely deceptive.


JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_j8jt9l7 wrote

The point they’re making is their second sentence.

If it’s correct, it doesn’t matter where it came from.

ChatGPT is just our first good stab at this kind of thing. As the models get better, they will out perform humans.

It’s hilarious to me that you spent all those words just talking shit, while entirely missing the point lol.