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You're really pushing this race narrative.

It's an easy assumption to make that bikes being used in illegal activities and recklessly driven around the city were illegally obtained and not legally purchased for several thousand dollars at a dealership.


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You need hard stats to make the connection here?

No one has hard stats on the current percentage of stolen dirbtikes on the road. You can however reference the dozens upon dozens of articles regarding them being stolen and found in Baltimore.


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Two things pretty much always come up when the topic of a dirt bike park is mentioned and it's really unfortunate but the sad truth.

  1. A large majority of the dirt bikes you see being illegally driven around the city are stolen. The counties surrounding Baltimore have a significant problem with overnight garage burglaries in which they're loaded by the dozen into stolen box trucks.


  1. A big part of the culture seems to be the thrill of riding them on the streets where no one can stop you. (Doesn't mean there aren't kids who I'm sure would still love the opportunity for a legitimate park) but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people still choose not to use it.

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I had to have some work done on my roof a while back and it was annoyingly difficult to find a trustworthy company that communicated well.

It's a serious problem with contractors and any work I've had done on my house has resulted in me spending an hour calling 10 different numbers.

Everyone says you should get three estimates, but for some stuff you can't even get one in a timely manner.


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Check your water heater. Chlorine is in our water and if it's building up on the element, could be burning and creating the smell. Assuming it's malfunctioning or something. I'm not a plumber

Or your neighbors are cooking meth/crack.


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Hey! So you may be able to get your serial number from the EXIF data that is encoded in images taken with the camera.

Try this.

I tried one photo of mine and it didn't have my serial number, but I tried another and it pulled it. You want photos taken directly from the camera and not processed through social media or editing apps as they typically strip the data.


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When you get an inspection, shops tend to be much more thorough. They're at risk of losing their ability to do inspections if the State Police come around and find they've been passing cars they shouldn't be.

Some shops in general are also just a lot more thorough and will give you a list of everything that is anywhere near replacement where as some will casually mention it or not even bother if it's not urgent.

Take it somewhere else for a second opinion if you feel sketched out.