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Got a new kitty thanks to u/lezbeannnnn. So far, Coach Taylor is pretty skittish but he's already snuggled with me and my husband so I think we've got a bright future ahead of us.

I'm a week out from being 5 months sober and I don't have random compulsions to drink, but some drinks have been looking really good lately. We went to Midlothian Chefs Kitchen for dinner last night (absolutely amazing, btw) and my husband's dirty martini was seriously calling to me.


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Double grocery day. We've started doing our shopping at Aldi and it's reduced our grocery bill significantly but there's random stuff they don't have (today it's soy sauce) or what they have is no good (bubbly water) so we've gotta hit another grocery store too.

Trying to pay off some CC debt so we've been super low-key lately. Thinking about opening another card with a 0% apr promotion while we pay it off, but not sure that's a good idea.


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We flew to Phoenix in the spring. It was fine. The longest flight I've ever taken was to Hawaii from Phoenix, I think it was 6 hours? It was the day after I got in a pretty bad bike accident so I was feeling like shit and sitting on the plane was absolute misery.


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How'd you entertain yourself on the flight over? I can't sleep on planes so I'm always bored out of my mind, even when I pay for the in-flight wifi and watch a movie.