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As far as i know, stone will be the answer. Like the pyramids of gizeh and such stuff. Everything else will be destroyed by weathering. The pyramids will exist for many hundreds of thousand, even millions of years. Basically almost everything we build today will be destroyed pretty fast. We build in a very cheap and efficient way and nothing will last very long. Like if we would abandoned New York, there wouldnt be much left of it in 10.000 years. I believe even in 1.000 years it will be gone. Stone monuments like the people built in the past will exist for a very long time.

Oh, and satellites in the right orbit, where it takes ages for them to come closer to earth, if they manage to get to space again. Or if aliens want to visit us.

I probably forgot something but those are my answers.


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Some people believe that we are facing the end of globalization as we know it today. And I personally fear that it is very real. China will soon collapse. The one child policy and many other wrong decisions will slowly but surely result in a collapse, whatever that may look like, of China.

The time of happy globalism and economic growth will soon be over and it will no longer be as it is today. Many major economic and political changes will be forced upon us. And I don't have the feeling that our current politicians are prepared for it and will make the right decisions, they are far too incompetent and corrupt for that!

Do you also think that we are facing big changes that will not be very positive? And that globalism as we know it today will be over in a few decades?

Thats at least my view of the next decades. The world will not end, but things will be different and not as easy as it is today.


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I know, this is not yet real with our technology. But why do so many scientist still believe that traveling faster than the speed of light is impossible even though we have no idea what space and what gravity really is? I dont think we know enough to exclude traveling through space with wormholes or something else we even dont know exists. We have sooo many unknown unknowns. I hate it if scientists say "nah, thats impossible, if we cant do it no advanced species will ever do it"

Like really? As if we cracked all the secrets of the universe. Get more humble, in the past being humble was important for scientists. Now they feel like they know anything and saying something that is not within the consense is in principle stupid because our scientist cant be wrong, no thats impossible...