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I live off Forest Ave. Both are hell in Maine. But I'd have to agree that traveling through wiscasset rt.1 is absolute bullshit. At least forest has 4 lanes. And Baxter boulevard (although closed for the past 3 fucking years) provides a nice bypass when it's not being held hostage by utilities and sewer reconstruction. Both are BAD. Have definitely fantasized about arson because of both dysfunctions. Am I guilty? no. Could this be traced back to me in the future? It's not out of the question.


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I've taken two classes at New England School of metal work. Both mine were black smith and they were top notch. Price for each course was about 500$. They do certifications there as well. It's in auburn so it'd be great for you.


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It's a great English speaking area to stage your exploration of Canada. Quebec city is closer than Boston if you've got your passport! Plus all of New Brunswick is basically at your doorstep. I grew up in Fort Kent and Loved going to Canada almost every weekend. People are fun and friendly over the border and up around there!