Joseluki t1_iwdrvgt wrote

241 to a 16yo, wtf? There are rapists that get 1/100th of that.

He needed to be incarcerated and was a danger to society but that sentence was absolutely ridiculous. Maybe 5 to 8 years, to be rehabilitated, not to get into gangs in prisons, something that is completely tolerated by the american prison system.

But the real problem here is, what moves a 16 year old to commit a series of robberies? That is the real problem, how do 16 yo kids have access to guns? What a failed society.


Joseluki t1_iuweeqc wrote

This is not about bots, it is about Musk having bought twitter and transferring a lot of his debt into it so now twitter (that was barely profitable before musk) is in the red numbers and needs a lot of income sources to stay afloat.

Before Musk bought twitter they had a yearly expenditure of 50M in interest of their financial loans, now with musk this interest alone will be 1B per year, I really don't know how he is going to make it work to generate that amount of income, I expect that there will be more ads than content in twitter and people will run away.

This is why leveraging debt to do buyouts should be illegal.