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If Germany had not invaded Poland and stuck with what they had on August 31st 1939, would they have been able to beat America to the atomic bomb, and therefore been in a stronger position to win what would eventually have been WWII?

I don’t know how far along their atomic research was at that point, nor America for that matter, but I do know the invasion of Poland and subsequent actions created an urgency in the Americans weapons programme.

I know it’s a “what if” but I’m talking specifically about where both programmes were on August 31st 1939.


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I absolutely love Carver. I know exactly what you mean. He seems to have this skill where every description, every conversation is distilled to its essence. At the same time, the things that aren’t said are just as important. Obviously he has a minimalist kind of style and tends to focus on blue collar subjects but I think how you describe him is perfect. He just gets an awful lot of out brevity.