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You’re the one asserting full control over a word. My take on whether policy has a teleological edge to it does not conflict with any existing definition. This is an active area of debate in academia, and while there is no conclusive answer to this preposition, I am of the camp that does not buy that history (or policy for that matter) is directional. Your insults are delicious btw. Keep going.


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I’m not saying anything about the status quo. In fact, the status quo needs to change because I am tired of being tormented by mentally ill individuals. What I did say was that no policy can be “progressive” because progress implies direction. No such thing exists. Therefore the best policy ought to be the one most utilitarian in its application, regardless of any normative impulses to alter it in such a way that sets in motion what you and a few others in this thread have been talking about.


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There is no such thing as progress. There is no end goal to society. There are just people and families. The general welfare should always benefit the greatest amount of people possible. I want to live in a world with walkable cities and safe streets. This isn’t progress, is just what I want to see in my life. You’re welcome to continue on your moral crusade, though I encourage you to think about working families and individuals who do not put themselves front and center and demand special treatment.


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Tents for sure. Move these folks to an institution and keep them there until they stop engaging in antisocial behavior. This is how it’s done in Korea and I just had the best time there. Walking at night? No problem. Take metro without being harassed? No problem. A general feeling that the public space is available for everyone and not abused by the antisocial few that ruin it for everyone else but are defended by a powerful lobby of upper-middle class professionals that live far away in gated communities? Absolutely.