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Ali was someone who was naturally good at boxing, he practiced like hell because he wanted to be the Greatest Of All Time, and to most people he succeded. Those are two atributes that contributed to his domination of the boxing world, but they are not the same exact thing.

Many of his contemparies trained just as hard as he did, but he still beat them. Did they lose because they just didnt "try" hard enough, or because they didnt have enough "faith"?

No, they lost because they fought Muhammad Ali in his prime.


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Its crazy how long that design of bb gun lasted, I think every little boy either had one, or knew someone who had one since the 60s. I think they still sell them at walmart.


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Nelson Mandela is a modern historical figure, we literally have pictures of likeness to go off of, living memory of him, his ethnicity is an undeniable part of his identity, we dont know anything about Jesus other than an accounts by authors after the fact compiling his teachings from oral to written accounts.

There is a reason why the western personifcation of God and Zues have similar designs.

Also during the reniassance there would be other political redesigns such as the more modern look of Jesus being based off of I shit you not Cesare Borgia.