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Lovecraft was certainly racist, xenophobic and mentally ill nobody is celebrating that. But that doesn't mean people of color and marginalized groups can't participate in the field of weird fiction and art. Many black artists have reclaimed, reinterpreted and reimagined Lovecraft's work. The award winning weird fiction author Victor Lavalle and HBO's Emmy Award winning Lovecraft Country are two great examples of this off the top of my head. Events like the Necronomicon help support and spotlight black and queer artists and well as critique Lovecraft's problematic views.


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Wrong. People are telling OP directly to go pick up the trash and then when the trash returns to go back out and pick it up again. Example:

"What if you quit crying about the state of the park and go and pick up some trash?...and then do it again."-Unlucky-Sir322

People are also calling OP a NYMBY, a liar, and dismissing him potentially stepping in human shit (aka a biohazard) as not that big a deal. Let me know if you want me to pull further quotes from the thread. Your lack of reading comprehension is "silly."


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I've read through the comments. The posters here have some wonderful and extremely realistic suggests for you:

  1. Pick up the trash created by the homeless people in your neighborhood. (I noticed nobody has been bold enough to suggest that you pick up the actual shit.)
  2. Personally take care of the homeless somehow. (Unless you are a medical or psychological professional I don't really see how that's possible.)
  3. Reimagine your preconceived notions regarding human feces. It's not so bad, in fact, it adds character to the city! Try to appreciate the excrement. And most importantly NEVER complain about it.
  4. Overthrow capitalism and install a new economic and political system.

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Symposium Books in Providence will ask you to tip (at least last time I was there a few months ago) when purchasing books. I paid via debit card on the iPad and they had the option to tip up to 20%. I thought maybe this was an error and just how the payment system was set up but then I noticed they had a cash tip jar as well! I did not tip as I think being asked to tip on books, especially new books is bonkers. Also, I went to a smoke shop (they did not sell weed) to buy a vaporizer and they asked for up to a 25% on a $50 vape. Simply for scanning and handing me the box. Get.the.fuck.out!


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PHO ZAP ZAP! They have two banh mi options: cold and "bbq" The bbq is not really bbq, they just mean they serve it hot. (Not spicy hot but physically hot.) It's one of the best banh mi sandwiches I've ever had and I've eaten a lot of Vietnamese food.


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I've made the mistake of losing track of time and riding it back (Providence to Bristol) at night. Some areas are pitch black. At one point I flew by another guy going the opposite direction and didn't see him until we were about a foot apart. If we collided it would have been a disaster. I always ride with lights at light now.


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I always worry about the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences shop. At times I believe it's been the last shop standing in there. Also LOL at the fucking landlords running this place. I wonder if they are noticing the correlation between rent hikes and a rapidly increasing lack of businesses.


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The Red Door, 10/29, 10pm-2am. There's a costume party on the second floor and a DJ spinning an 80's themed playlist!
*edit, it's free!