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It's hard to say without knowing the recruiter agreement with the company or even the industry. It's also hard for me to believe a recruiter is getting paid $30k/year for finding you, but I've witnessed more surprising things.

You're probably better off looking for a job elsewhere, if money is your main concern. If you get an offer, you can try to leverage it for a raise but I doubt the raise would be ~50%


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Shopping robots are already a thing, they're just not humanoid and they're slow. Also eeh, good luck getting babies or boomers to cooperate as a robot changes their diaper. I also don't like how this data was produced by a survey of engineers - of course they foresee adoption of the products they help build.


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Continents are defined by geography, countries are defined by groups of people. They don't need to be mutually exclusive, especially for the largest country in the world.

People consider it a European country because Moscow is the most populous city on the European continent. However, find a rural village in the east of the country and the people will identify as Asian.


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Been there, also been the hiring manager in that case. Training a positive person is much easier than hiring someone with a negative personality. Don't be afraid to apply for jobs you're underqualified for, even if it requires a certain degree (except the medical field)


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I believe your situation but I think it depends on how serious your choking is, whether you got a breath beforehand, and maybe a few health factors. I've seen a few videos of people running out of their apartments choking and looking for help, I'm sure you can find some on YouTube if you look