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You seem to expect people will orderly go in lines when the supermarket burns. That seems rather... detached. It is gonna be free for all in there at some point, anarchy. That's what i am prepping for. The fact that you haven't even asked me where I live says a lot about this discussion. In some places over the world it already started. Pakistan right now is very hellish of a place to be in.

62% of population lives on less than $10 per day. We are not the rule but exception that soon can and probably will correct a bit


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That makes sense but from what I know it already or as we speak crosses certain thresholds that make it impossible to go back in the near mid term at least. What I commented is also a form of adaptation from evolutionary point of view. That's what I am scared of - adaptation. Strong survive 'weak', poor go extinct. You believe science progress will prevent the worst. I can't afford faith i probably should do prep work in 5 to 10 years and must follow the topic closely to check rate of changes. If it won't come to the worst then yay nice but if it comes better to be ready. It's not just some reddit abstract talk but life altering thing.

Already things are bad tbh here thanks to alt right gov chosen because of climate immigration.

For example I must make a lifelong supply of grey market life saving medicine soonish. That's prep work


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Not really a consolation but thanks. Some of us will survive yay maybe even science and society won't go back to xix century. Perhaps someone will remember about women rights and minorities. Maybe. There is always hope. Perhaps maybe we won't see second and third hitler. It could be that school system will be still there in some form and healthcare.

A big maybe but perhaps religions won't make a big comeback in hard times to their fundamentalistic roots?


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I personally can pin point with high accuracy gender of the creator and sexuality. Duh i know because I am into shit from women pov and lebian/bi myself. That's kinda the point of whole subreddit r/chickflixxx

Generally though women adult content creators focus their attention to faces with very very characteristic differences often and men boobs and body. Also women private parts drawn by women are more realistic which makes sense because that's such a private thing having it or not changes our psyche and how we draw it.

In other words whether I want it or not I subconsciously think about these things when looking at any kind of 'art'.

But there's way more the pose, the pleasure it all marks characteristic difference between male and female drawings. Male drawn faces are often kind of silly and overexaggerated and when female artists tries to do it the same it gives it playful instead of silly look. You see them capturing the real female orgasm emotion simply because they know the experience.

I could write and write on this actually damn sorry for rambling.

It is fascinating topic though and having both semi male and full female brain rewired with hormones at some point in my life I know many things that normal people cannot. I know how female orgasm feels and male orgasm feels. I know how women look at sex and how men look at sex. I should rather say estrogen powered brains vs testosterone powered brains to be more true though but that would really make this comment unreadable mess. And it is breaching another highly interesting topic that I am willing to drown someone in - the concept of gender

I am clearly autistic am i not ?

Edit: honestly training ai to automate and find porn tailored for me would be kinda interesting


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Well apparently some people are... different than others, interesting, very interesting. I am glad you enjoy simple things then. But as somewhat of an artistic soul myself ai stuff is not even close.

Then theres ethical aspect of basically stealing people art and profiting off it.

Looks like really not a lot of people can appreciate art stuff on my level that's honestly the most interesting takeaway from this discussion for me. Perhaps i should actually draw or paint instead of coding.

Then theres whole composition aspect to scene, perfect balance, which only humans can truly nail down looking at ai art so far, it's always off. Colours, reflections well everything lacks personality. Message of the scene that's the biggest thing that's just kinda void left there.

I really should go explore that part of myself yay I thought everyone can spot these things.

Because when you mash things together shit is lost in the process, intention is lost. Until AI can truly understand these concepts it will be really void like so far stuff I checked out


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sshh we are in place where bunch of folks think AI already surpassed humans in artistic endeavors. But omit the fact that it just glues existing human work ad infinitum and when confronted with reality they would say "oh but human art works the same" lol no, it doesn't, good artist creates their own unique style and it isn't just a mix of existing ones lol. Not to mention humans actually know what words, feeling, experiences mean and thousands of other things happening in real world to draw upon.

That's why even the lowest of art hentai - artists or rather journeymen create works that are actually arousing. AI cannot do it yet or ever, not in the current implementation. Not until it understands what hot, sexually arousing means.

When you see a good hentai "art" you peer through the brain of the artist. You ask questions: Who draw this? Is that person gay or bi? What motivated them to draw this? What do they find arousing? What are their sexual life experiences? What is their mood?

You can answer these questions just looking at the art.

It is obvious you cannot do the same with AI art. It is cold, it is empty in comparison. Not until an AI is an actual general artificial intelligence with it's own personality, experiences, memories.

No offense to the mathheads but we humanistic people know AI is lightyears still from catering to our senses. Don't get me wrong it is super impressive but overhyped right now.

It is a first attempt and got really far, unexpectedly far but it is equally far from real art and it isn't just a matter of iteration but rather would require simulating a single artistic entity. Basically walking general AI, android. Hyperion Dan Simmons John Keats poet anyone? That's the goal here so we are talking some years still.