Junior_Interview5711 t1_itf75b9 wrote


Think about it, apple has a huge market

But it needs more sales, because it has a 2 trillion "market cap"(not really the right phrase, but the average person understands that, kinda) so it develops a watch that did save a person's life, but the watch is 600 bucks or you can buy a very comprebale one for 100-200, or apples, that only works with a 1200 dollar phone, and they put out stories that promote the life saving act, get a bunch of people to start pressuring congress to buy the watches, to "save their lives"

How much do you think they would sell the government the watches for

The company hit a ceiling, in the sales sense, they can only sell stuff to current customers, but in order for the stock to move, they need new ones, 1 customer switching to Apple ain't shit, but a whole government buying them for the public

That's a game changer

I'm fully aware my opinion reveals my tin foil hat