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It’s fucking insane to me. I saw a hop in IRL, 2 black teenagers stole an elderly black lady’s car and I was talking to the cops. The lady was like “you saw them right? Two black teenagers right?! Of course it was! Ugh!!!!” Like bro it’s just an identifier. Saying someone is black, Asian, Hispanic, white, in itself isn’t racist. It’s so annoying!!


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It baffles me when people post stuff like this and NEVER describe the person.

It’ll be like “this dude slapped me in the face. There’s a guy going around noma slapping peoples faces, it’s crazy. Watch out everyone, he’s wearing a SHIRT”

Just describe the homeless guy!! Why even post if you aren’t going to be helpful about it?


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Oh yea for sure. Duh. But I mean to not even send an email to neighbors “sorry for the fucking police raid at 5am where guns were drawn and the door was busted open. I mean I heard the entire thing. It was WILD. I told my wife to hit the floor because the cops had guns drawn and busted through the door. Found out later that dude had a gun too. It was honestly pretty traumatic.


A simple “we had a police incident last night sorry etc” would have been a nice touch. But no. Morse apartments never communicates. I overheard a cop last night talking with the front desk about another break in, in the parking garage. Apartment still hasn’t said anything. I checked my car myself because I just happened to overhear the cop tell the front desk.


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While we’re name dropping, Morse Apartments is garbage at notifying residents about anything around the area or on the premises. I woke up at 5am once to my neighbors place getting raided by DCPD. That was fun. Also we had a string of cars get broken into and they didn’t say shit or do anything till a few days later.

Stay away from Morse please. They don’t deserve more money.


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4 cops walked out of my apartment today. I suspect it was to look at any footage?

But I agree. I’m thankful cops arrived SO damn fast. But it’s wild that they came so fast and still couldn’t catch the shooter. My SO saw the shooter running with a group of kids, from our apartment. And it’s not like she would be able to provide a decent description. It’s literally B/M, teenager, wearing all black.


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I stopped biking in the city because I was scared of always getting near misses from cars, and drivers yelling obscenities at me because I’m using the lane lol. It’s absurd.