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It’s not just that easy. Money is a major issue for most to just up and leave.

We’re in a rental shortage in Australia. A pretty dire one actually. We got our current property on the back of a recommendation to the landlord from some family friends. There’re were only two other rentals going at that time in our closest town (9,000 residents).

I work a very specific job (caseworker for young offenders) and I’m able to have security here because there is a high demand for workers like myself in rural areas.

Last time we had a bushfire season even major cities were having runaway fires get fairly close to suburbia.


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I know that worry. We’ve just moved about 30 mins out of the closest rural town and our property where we are at has a seperate tank to pump into from the river next to us to help fight fires with a seperate petrol pump so it’s isolated from our homes power system. Still makes us uneasy.


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As an Australian I always take this news with a grain of salt. This is years in the making and often catastrophic fooling and weather events make way for this.

Likewise we are teetering in the verge of moving back into La Nino and if that happens then all this greenery will dry up very quickly and fuel the next round of bushfires.

I live rural and the amount of unkept and I trimmed greenery that’s grown over the last 12 months is very concerning. In my area there hasn’t been a lot of burn offs either.