JustNilt t1_iw7s57e wrote

Yeah, that's a very real issue. I am a combat veteran and while I wouldn't say combat wasn't scary or any such bullshit, I was lucky not to be troubled by my experience with it as much as so many others.

When I was injured and discharged, I considered being a veterinarian and volunteered at a local shelter for a while. That experience taught me well that the shit you see in that field was almost certain to cause me no end of mental health issues so I ended up not going into that line of work.

Shelter workers often see some of the worst abuses that humanity perpetuates on animals. It's a great line of work inasmuch as you get to see heartwarming events fairly often but at the same time there's so much of the polar opposite that it's just awful. I have nothing but respect for anyone who manages to work in that field for any length of time.