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There is a bit of sensationalism by the media, just because it sells papers or generates clicks, what have you.

There is also a "crashed into a cop car while it had its flashy lights on" issue too. Which also tends to get some attention.

Then we have an extra air of cops, firefighters, military personnel being heroes... going on at this time. So, that also comes into play.

In truth, it's all perception. But I don't think you have committed a greater crime if you get into an accident with a police officer, unless you committed a crime to cause that accident. Ran a red light, ignored their flashy lights, etc...


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6swrw9 wrote

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

If a woman gets drunk and guys take advantage and post pictures or she gets raped. Should she just make herself better?

If you don't reasonably expect people to not take advantage of you, when you become incapacitated, especially if the advantage is taken when you are in a shower, where you should expect privacy, then so be it. But I would expect people to be better, and I would expect the law to back me when a crime has been committed.