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I spent my early childhood in Chambersburg, and I remember it being a cute little town. That being said, I am going to bet that salaries there aren't as high as they are in Pittsburgh. I started out my post-college life in rural PA, and I moved to this area so that I could get a job in downtown Pittsburgh and double my salary.


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I just Googled Iron Eden, and I'm so confused. All of the Google results for "Iron Eden" are for a welder. Are you guys talking about the location of a business called Iron Eden? I take the bus on the busway to and from downtown 3 days a week, and I have no idea what the original post is talking about. I don't remember seeing any kind of space-age looking structure from the bus. Is this on the same side of the bus as the railroad tracks?


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We went out to eat after work a lot when we both had to go into the office every day, and we had long commutes home. Now, I work from home 2 days a week, and my husband works from home 5 days a week. We (well, mostly he) has more time to prepare meals at home. So, we eat more dinners at home now.


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Right before the Covid lockdowns started, my husband and I went to Mad Mex Oakland several times in the span of a few weeks. We kept getting the same waitress. She told us that she was really happy to see us because we were polite and tipped well, and that having customers such as us make her shifts a little bit better. She definitely seemed like she was having a rough time. This should have tipped me off that something was "off" with the working conditions there. Then the Covid shutdowns happened, and when we went to Mad Mex for our next visit more than 2 years later, we didn't see her. We both looked for her and hoped that she was now working in a better situation.


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Just to clarify, there are at least 2 Stephanie Millers.

Stephanie A Miller is an MD and I don't have any other information about her.

Stephanie E Miller, MSN CRNP, FNP-C is a family nurse practitioner. I was a patient of hers at AHN Downtown. I really liked her. However, the only reason that I had an appointment with her is because I had to have a follow-up appointment at my PCP's office in order to get somebody to sign off on my CPAP usage compliance so that the insurance company would continue paying for the machine. The provider at the PCP's office who originally referred me for the sleep study for my Sleep Apnea was no longer at the downtown office. So, I had an appointment with Stephanie E. Miller. That's my only experience with her thus far. But she was great, and she seems like a lovely person.


I just wanted to clarify that there are at least two Stephanie Millers in the provider directory for AHN.


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The bus that I ride is often pretty noisy. Also, I think that people would be hesitant to give out private information on a bus, to a stranger, with a lot of other people listening. For instance, I wouldn't want to give out my name and information about my commute while I am actually on the bus. I would be afraid that someone would overhear, and thus endanger my safety when I get off of the bus and walk to my car, or follow me home.

tl; dr: I think that this is a terrible idea.


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I think that the original poster was referring to "traveling nurses" or "traveling healthcare workers." Some hospital systems and nursing homes "resolve" staffing shortages by paying large sums of money to staffing agencies for healthcare workers who are on short term contracts. These healthcare workers, referred to as "travelers" make a much larger wage than the permanent employees, but the staffing agencies also pocket a great deal of money from the transaction.

I am not a healthcare worker, but from what I understand, the practice of using "travel nurses" significantly increased during the beginning of the Covid pandemic.


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There are several books about Pittsburgh folklore (I think that one of them is a Thomas White book) that say that decades ago (I think early - mid 1900's), some guys would take their dates to the city morgue, and look at the bodies there for "fun."

There are a lot of fun ghost stories in Thomas White's books.

Personally, in my experience, I had an encounter with one of the ghosts once when I stayed at the bed and breakfast at the Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford County.