Just_One_Hit t1_iwfju5n wrote

It looks like the Albuquerque tiny home village got rid of the 30-day sober before entry requirement, they're just required to be sober while living in the village now (source):

>Two of the major hurdles the village faced earlier on in filling the 30 homes were a lack of funding for staff and the requirement that people are already sober before they move in. Chavez says the 30-day sobriety policy is now no longer part of the vetting process; however, there are still rules residents need to follow. Applicants must be willing to take part in a harm reduction or recovery program and follow rules of no drug or alcohol use within the tiny home village.

Denver also has successful tiny home villages running for a half decade now (source). There's no magic sauce. People just need to have realistic expectations for harm reduction programs, and realize that housing first is the humane and fiscally responsible option.